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City Park Homes for Sale

City Park Homes for Sale

Find City Park homes for sale in an urban neighborhood with a 330 acre park and located in east-central Denver.  The park features the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and Ferril and Duck Lakes.  City Park Golf Course lies just north of the park.  City Park is the premier park of Denver and is the site of many social events every year.

The residential portion of the neighborhood makes up only 2 blocks to the south of City Park and is about a mile in length.  The southern boundary of the neighborhood is Colfax Ave. making the area a popular spot for hip restaurants, bars, stores and small businesses.  New residential and commercial construction has modernized the area and options to call home with condos and town homes to choose from in addition to unique older homes from the origin of the area.

Home values in the area range from the $200Ks to the $2Ms.

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